The greatest choice of cotton wool products from Simply Gentle, the cotton wool specialists. Consumer researched packaging and fully biodegradable products make Simply Gentle the cotton wool brand of choice.

Simply Gentle owes its superior softness to the carefully selected 100% cotton raw material. The products are suitable for skin care, baby care and household uses.  All products come in handy to use drawstring bags.

Cotton Wool Pleats 50g
RRP: £0.65

Cotton Wool Pleats 100g
RRP: £0.99


Cotton Wool Pleats 200g
RRP: £1.49


Cotton Wool Rolls 180g
RRP: £2.99


Cotton Wool White Balls 100’s
RRP: £0.89


Cosmetic Pads Square 50’s
RRP: £1.19

Cosmetic Pads Oval 50’s
RRP: £0.95

Cosmetic Pads Round 100’s
RRP: £0.99


Maternity Towels 10’s
RRP: £1.15

Disposable Pants Medium 5’s
RRP: £1.99

Nursing Pads Disposable 40’s
RRP: £2.25

Simply Gentle Nursing Pads Washable 6’s
RRP: £4.99